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May I tell you a story...?

I've a wondrous tale for you about a little girl--one unlike any other--a little girl named Thelma Thimblewhistle. With the loss of her mother, Thelma and her father leave their busy Indiana suburb for the quiet town of Raven Den, Tennessee to begin again in their new home, the eerie Peterson Estate, an old mansion that just happens to have a life of its own! 

A bizarre accident presents Thelma with the ability to interact with the bewitched objects and ghastly ghosts who haunt her new home, including The Beginner’s Guide to the Neither Realm for the Incredibly Gifted, a guidebook for the paranormally gifted. Her phantomous friends begin tutoring her the ways of the mystical Neither Realm, named so for it is “neither here…nor there.” It is then that she learns of her true destiny. She is the Defender of the Dead, champion of the deceased, and the only force strong enough to prevent the return of the Boogey Man and his ethereal armada!  


Thelma must piece together all the clues that lay hidden throughout the derelict mansion and master her supernatural abilities in order to save the dead from a fate worse than…well, death! Then, maybe she can conquer her greatest challenge...sixth grade! 

Join author A.J. Grea as he introduces you to Thelma Thimblewhistle and the world of the not-so-dead in this action-packed supernatural adventure! Welcome to the Neither Realm!

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