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Four words changed the world...



It was the impossible war—the heroes of the Federation against the scourge of the planet Xenoe and their dictator, Goliaric. With the weaknesses of the Federation exposed, both sides crumbled. After Earth’s heroes were dead, Ophelia Keating conquered the political podium, pushing her way into the Presidential chair and closer to world dominance. The new commander-in-chief was free to enact changes to “better” the world which included establishing a one-world governmental body known as Parliament. Then came the worldwide decree intended to control Earth’s overwhelming population crisis Keating called HRV-EST, the Human Reproductive Vector, yet another shackle on the human race.


But that was years ago, too many years for Doctor Andre Hudson to remember. He lost faith long ago, shedding his youthful alter ego, Hacker, and conceding to a monotonous, middle-aged life. That is, until accounts of superhuman happenings begin to flood the headlines. His hope is rekindled as the search begins for the young superheroes. He must locate the newfound champions and prepare them for combat before they are destroyed by a government that wants to crush the Insurgence once and for all. But will his young superheroes be willing to fight a war that is not their own?

Enter a dystopian world of superheroes and archenemies built especially for you by A.J. Grea!

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