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About A.J. Grea


A.J. Grea (a.k.a Steven "Queen") is an LGBTQA+ horror author residing in East Tennessee who moonlights as an adult. His genres include YA/MG horror, sci-fi, fantasy, and stories that seek to bring LGBTQA+ voices to the forefront. He is an avid comic book and toy enthusiast and is always looking for ways to remain trapped in his childhood.


Projects include:



  • THE FORGOTTEN FEDERATION (99,800 words) – science fiction: A gifted geneticist battling a tyrannical world government struggles to locate and edify a new generation of guardians he produced using the genetic material of fallen superheroes once known as the Federation.  


  • VICKIE VAN HELSING (73,000 words) – young adult: A teenager must come to terms with her monstrous heritage and master her abilities to save herself and her friends from the King of Vampires.


  • VICKIE VAN HELSING: THE BIG FURRY SEQUEL (82,000 words) – young adult: A gifted young woman must unravel a "hairy" mystery in order to stop a pack of ferocious frat werewolves from overrunning her college campus.

All independent titles are available at AMAZON at the links above. 



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