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Quiet Vickie Jenkins prefers to move invisibly among the student body of Rutgers High School along with her horror fanatic friend Kyle Cooper. Her only weakness is Rod Rainfeld, the handsome football captain who seems to have it all, except loyalty from his friends and acknowledgment from his father, Xavier, the self-proclaimed town benefactor.


Xavier has added a monster to his collection of antiquities. It is known by many names, but its most infamous title is DRACULA. Unfortunately for Vickie, he's neither sexy nor suave. As a matter of fact, he's fairly revolting!


Drawn by fate, the bloodlines are reuniting. Renfield, Murray--they are the ones who saved humanity, the ones whose diaries were purchased at auction in 1895 by a humble author in search of inspiration for what would be his ultimate masterpiece.


Vickie can run, but she cant hide from her unreal reality--the truth that will lead her to abilities she never knew she possessed, parents she never knew existed, and a battle to save all of humanity--and all before graduation! Who is she?

The answers to the questions are flowing in the veins of


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